The best way to use Squeaky Cheeks

People ask me all the time, "How Do Use It"?  Well here are a few tips.

  1. Everyday Comfort - Get out of the shower, dry off and put on your unders..... and drop them slightly ;) and get back in and shut the door/curtain.  Powder all the necessary areas allowing Squeaky Cheeks to fall into your unders.... and the bath/shower.  It makes it easy to clean up and you are immediately dry and comfortable!!
  2. Socks - Hold the top of your sock open and apply enough Squeaky Cheeks to cover the inside of your socks.  Shake them back and forth, and up & down, making sure to spread the powder all around from top to bottom.  The Stretch the sock and you will see the powder get deep inside the fabric.  This will allow optimum protection all-day!!
  3. Shoes - Apply a small amount to the inside of your shoe.  You will notice the smell is gone in less than a second!!  I prefer to use it in my socks everyday and not my shoes...UNLESS you don't wear socks, then in your shoes everyday is perfect.
  4. Gear, Or anything that Stinks! - Apply generously to whatever it is and the smell is gone!!

How have you used Squeaky Cheeks?


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