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For chafing and for foot and blister protection Squeaky Cheeks Hi-Performance Foot & Body Powder is a good solution for those who don't want to mess with greasy preparations and who want to avoid talc. It uses bentonite clay, slippery elm and natural essential oils to reduce friction and prevent chafing and blisters.   


  • Pleasant non-perfume scent
  • Comes in an applicator bottle or individual packets
  • Wears longer than other powder


  • Can be messy at first try.


  • Anti-chafing and anti-blister performance powder
  • Pleasant minty Active scent or non-tingly Comfort blend.
  • 5 ounce. powder bottle or single use 1 oz. packets
  • Use before and after outdoor activities to prevent chafing.

Expert Review - Squeaky Cheeks Hi-Performance Foot & Body Powder

Chafing, crotch rot - it's horrible whether it appears at armpits, under the bra, crotch, thighs, or rear. Squeaky Cheeks is an improvement to the usual powder to prevent it. It uses bentonite clay, slippery elm and essential oils to make a performance powder that stays in place all day to protect and prevent chafing. It doesn't contain talc, it is 100% talc-free.

The applicator bottle can direct the powder to the areas that need it. The pleasant minty Active scent did not activate my allergies as perfume scents do with other products. My husband said it would be far preferable vs. baby powder for men. They also have a Comfort blend that doesn't have the minty tingle.

Many people use lubricants to prevent chafing, which can be greasy and stain clothing. Squeaky Cheeks can be sprinkled into shoes or boots to prevent blisters. The bentonite clay base also elements that can prevent bacterial and fungal growth, which are what make your shoes smelly and cause athlete's foot. I wore it in my socks on a recent walk and the bonus was pleasant smelling shoes.

My walking friend Krista hadn't used an anti-blister product for her feet and I gave her one of the samples. She loved it and so I was able to pass along the product samples to her.

One caution - I made quite a mess when first attempting to get it on my underarms, although the nozzle would be ideal to use for "cheeks" and for dispensing it into socks. It comes in convenient 1 oz. packets to use on the trail, in addition to a 5 ounce bottle with dispensing nozzle. The 5-ounce bottle should last for a month. If you are a long-term heavy user, they also have a big 23-ounce size that should last for six months (or for the whole team!)




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