Belly Button Rash - Testimonial

As many of you know, when you are overweight you can suffer from heat, friction, and moisture rashes.  That rash can often lead to open, cracking sores.  I thought all my concerns were addressed by having weight loss surgery. Not! Other concerns soon became apparent, namely problems caused by sagging skin, a side effect of rapid weight loss. I suffered with rashes as I had before.  One February morning, I awakened with a horrible, burning rash in and around my navel.  A friend gave me a bottle of Squeaky Cheeks powder to try.  I applied it and within twenty four hours the redness was gone and the next day the area around my navel was back to normal!  Squeaky Cheeks is a funny name, but is a serious product!   Now it is a part of my daily personal hygiene.                                     

Dorian K , El Paso TX


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