What do Bentonite Clay and Slippery Elm Bark have in Common?

They are both active  ingredients  in  Squeaky  Cheeks   (What  sets  us  apart  from  any  other  product  on  the  market)

Bentonite  Clay:

Bentonite  Clay  is  often  used  in  topical  cosmetic  products  and  pharmaceutical medications  due   to  its  absorption  abilities.    It  has  a  particular  molecule  design  that contains  a  negative  ion  that   attracts  positive  ions  in  the  body  such  as  bacteria and  fungus  and  draws  them  into  the  clay   allowing  the  body  to  heal  itself  much quicker. When  bentonite  is  used  both  internally  and   externally,  it  is  effective  for  improving  skin  health.   The  clay  is  used  in  creams,  compresses,  and   anti-­‐irritant  lotions.  Bentonite  is  also  commonly  added  to  products  such  as  mud  packs,  baby   powders,  sunburn  cream  and  face  lotions  due  to  its  healing  properties.        

Elm  Bark    

Slippery  Elm  is  a  mainstay  of  herbal  medicine  for  treating  itchy,  inflamed,  or irritated  skin  as   well  as  cuts  scrapes,  scratches,  and  minor  burns.    The  topical  application  of  the  bark  is  known  to   create  a  film  atop  the  skin  similar  to  that  produced  within  the  digestive  tract.    The  film  relieves   the  inflammation  and  irritation  associated  with  burns,  wounds,  abscesses  and  boils,  which  can   help  reduce  pain  and  discomfort.    The  FDA  has  approved  it  as  a  safe  agent  that  forms  a   soothing  film  over  a mucous  membrane,  reliving  minor  pain  and  inflammation  of  the  affected   area.    

Essential  Oils    

Our  proprietary  blends  of  oils  have  many  benefits.    The  refreshing  properties  of  the  oils  smell   great  will  make  you  feel  fresh  and  energized  while  the  cooling properties  benefit  by  helping  to   relieve  pain.    They  also  have  anti-­‐bacterial  and  anti-­microbial  properties that  assist  the  healing   of  a  variety  of  skin  problems  and irritations.      


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