Squeaky Cheeks supports an active life with its unique, all-natural and high-performance formulation. Bentonite Clay provides a non-caking barrier to absorb moisture. It’s loaded with elemental ions for absorbing the toxins, bacteria and fungi that irritate your skin and cause odor. Slippery Elm powder helps with a soothing barrier so the body can heal itself from chafing and sweat rash. Essential Oils invigorate, cool and soothe a tired body — and freshen up the smell of well-worn gear. No other powder on the market is like Squeaky Cheeks. And it is 100% talc free.

"I first came across Squeaky Cheeks in March 2014 and was happy to see a new product on the market to help reduce the nasty effects of chafing while running and biking.  I  actively compete in Ironman triathlons (I have raced The Hawaii Ironman 14 years in a row)  and find myself working out for many hours at a time, and in varied conditions (hot, cold, wet, dry, you name it)!  The after effects of chafing can be awful and very painful.  When I tried Squeaky Cheeks, I was pleasantly surprised by the way it provided a barrier between my shorts and “me” to not only prevent chafing, but reduce the amount of sweat as well.  I also immediately noticed that my bike shorts did not smell as bad afterwards which allowed me to get in a few more workouts with out doing another wash.  I am excited to use it in my triathlons this year, especially in my shoes when I don't wear socks.  Thanks Squeaky Cheeks for allowing me to be fast and comfortable when training and racing!"
Tim Hola,  Team Timex- 2014

If you're an active person like Tim who demands the best or as outdoorsy as an SUV, you can depend that Squeaky Cheeks is formulated for high performance and 100% GUARANTEED to prevent blisters and chafing.