Let's face it: Not everyone gets to sit in the comfort of an air conditioned office.

Many people are working hard jobs everyday, rain and shine, hot and cold. These folks know the problems that sweat causes. Skin chafing, foot problems and skin issues can incapacitate you—and that can mean not getting paid.    

Squeaky Cheeks is the best solution for reducing sweat, eliminating odor and helping prevent blisters, chafing and other skin irritations. Plus it is 100% natural, with healing power to prevent and treat even the harshest cases of whatever you call "those issues you don't talk about at parties." And its amazing smell will tame even the rankest smelling feet and boots on the planet! 

We hear testimonials from such professionals who use it every day. WHY?  Because it works!

Some of the places they use it:

  • Arm pits
  • Chest & back
  • Midsection (yes, those "unmentionable" parts)
  • Feet
  • In socks
  • In gloves
  • Under their Bullet Proof Vests
  • In their rubber boots

Don't take our word for it. Give us a try and create your own testimonial. Trust us... we have seen and heard it all. After ten years we still receive letters from people who swear by the unmatched effectiveness of Squeaky Cheeks.

Funny Name... Serious Comfort!


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