• prevent blisters
  • Reduce sweating while working out

    Do Your Peeps
    Have You Squeaking?

    Our active ingredients
    even the match with active kids!

  • deoderize shoes

    High Performance

    Energizing essential oils
    help you keep your cool!

  • prevent chafing

    Never Shed Your
    Shoes in Shame!

    Give those shoes a new life
    before they grow a life of their own.

We are everyday folks who realize that no matter what, everybody gets hot and everybody sweats.
Whether you are a serious athlete, avid outdoors-man, soccer mom or just a dang hard worker we understand the need to prevent skin irritation, eliminate odor, and reduce sweat and moisture.


All the other products out there, are greasy and squishy and were a total mess! And talc powders just cake up, fall off, and only last a very short time! We needed something that held up to the limits of high-performance activities and every day activities. We wanted all-day protection, all-day odor elimination and a true all-natural healer.

Squeaky Cheeks feels energizing, relieves like no other, smells terrific and lasts all day.   Trusted and used by Professional Athletics, Podiatrists, and Everyday Folks that just need to be comfortable and not burdened with......”This Issues you don’t talk about at parties"

Squeaky Cheeks: “Funny Name, Serious Comfort”


Squeak Cheeks Anti Chafing All Natural Skin Care Blog

Why Use Talc Free Baby Powder?

September 14, 2017

Talc Free Baby Powder Talc has come under scrutiny over the years.  The FDA does not regulate the use of talc, yet, a recent lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson was successful, claiming the ingredient causes cancer.  Moreover, the suit claimed the manufacturer was aware of the dangers and did not warn consumers.  There are several studies produced over the past few decades that suggest a link between talc and cancer.  In 1993 the National Toxicology Program put out a report that suggests cosmetic grade talc, caused tumors in animals and impaired lung function.  Talc particles are said to have caused tumors in human ovaries and lungs.  The American Lung Association confirms that the inhalation of talc can cause Talc Pneumoconiosis,...

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What are the best essential oils for skin?

August 23, 2017

Which essential oils are best for skin? Nature's chemicals need a warning before we talk about how they help, no undiluted essential oils directly on skin.

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Different Types of Skin Rash

August 16, 2017

A rash refers to any type of inflammation or discoloration that alters the appearance and condition of the skin.  When the outside layer of the skin is breached or damaged, microbes like yeast and bacteria can invade the skin.  This makes your skin irritated, leading to a rash or in more significant cases, an infection. Skin Rash and Other Ailments Diaper Rash:  Most commonly caused by yeast from the skin being wet by urine and stool enzymes.  Urine and enzymes increases the skin’s PH level and makes it more susceptible to irritation.  Heat Rash:  This occurs when your pores become clogged and you cannot sweat from the affected area. Often found in folds of skin, such as a baby’s neck....

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