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Comfort Blend
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Active 2 Pack $18.95
Active 2 Pack $18.95 $18.95 $20.00
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Active $9.95
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Comfort 2 Pack $18.95
Comfort 2 Pack $18.95 $18.95 $20.00
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“Nurture” for Babies (Unscented)
“Nurture” for Babies (Unscented) $9.95
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We are everyday folks who realize that no matter what, everybody gets hot and everybody sweats.
Whether you are a serious athlete, avid outdoorsman, soccer mom or just a dang hard worker we understand the need to prevent skin irritation, eliminate odor, and reduce sweat and moisture.


All the other products out there, are greasy and squishy and were a total mess! And talc powders just cake up, fall off, and only last a very short time! We needed something that held up to the limits of high-performance activities and every day activities. We wanted all-day protection, all-day odor elimination and a true all-natural healer.

Squeaky Cheeks feels energizing, relieves like no other, smells terrific and lasts all day.   Trusted and used by Professional Athletics, Podiatrists, and Everyday Folks that just need to be comfortable and not burdened with......”This Issues you don’t talk about at parties"

Squeaky Cheeks: “Funny Name, Serious Comfort”


Squeak Cheeks Anti Chafing All Natural Blog

Belly Button Rash - Testimonial

July 24, 2017

As many of you know, when you are overweight you can suffer from heat, friction, and moisture rashes.  That rash can often lead to open, cracking sores.  I thought all my concerns were addressed by having weight loss surgery. Not! Other concerns soon became apparent, namely problems caused by sagging skin, a side effect of rapid weight loss. I suffered with rashes as I had before.  One February morning, I awakened with a horrible, burning rash in and around my navel.  A friend gave me a bottle of Squeaky Cheeks powder to try.  I applied it and within twenty four hours the redness was gone and the next day the area around my navel was back to normal!  Squeaky Cheeks...

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What do Bentonite Clay and Slippery Elm Bark have in Common?

July 10, 2017

They are both active  ingredients  in  Squeaky  Cheeks   (What  sets  us  apart  from  any  other  product  on  the  market) Bentonite  Clay: Bentonite  Clay  is  often  used  in  topical  cosmetic  products  and  pharmaceutical medications  due   to  its  absorption  abilities.    It  has  a  particular  molecule  design  that contains  a  negative  ion  that   attracts  positive  ions  in  the  body  such  as  bacteria and  fungus  and  draws  them  into  the  clay   allowing  the  body  to  heal  itself  much quicker. When  bentonite  is  used  both  internally  and   externally,  it  is  effective  for  improving  skin  health.   The  clay  is  used  in  creams,  compresses,  and   anti-­‐irritant  lotions.  Bentonite  is  also  commonly  added  to  products  such  as  mud  packs,  baby...

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The best way to use Squeaky Cheeks

April 13, 2017

People ask me all the time, "How Do Use It"?  Well here are a few tips. Everyday Comfort - Get out of the shower, dry off and put on your unders..... and drop them slightly ;) and get back in and shut the door/curtain.  Powder all the necessary areas allowing Squeaky Cheeks to fall into your unders.... and the bath/shower.  It makes it easy to clean up and you are immediately dry and comfortable!! Socks - Hold the top of your sock open and apply enough Squeaky Cheeks to cover the inside of your socks.  Shake them back and forth, and up & down, making sure to spread the powder all around from top to bottom.  The Stretch the sock and you will see the powder get deep inside the...

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