Talc Free Natural Body and Foot Powder

Squeaky Cheeks is a talc free, 100% natural foot and body powder.

All of our natural powders are effective for chafing, blisters and other skin irritations caused by sweat, friction, heat rash and clothing. Designed to wick moisture, absorb bacteria and ease pain associated with minor skin irritations.  Podiatrist Recommended & Hypo Allergenic.


  • Active Blend - Contains essential oils that cool and invigorate with a minty scent and is designed for active people who like to feel dry, cool and refreshed.
  • Comfort Blend - Soothes, dries and protects with a very pleasant scent.  It is designed for both regular and active people who want a body powder to keep them dry and protected. 
  • Nurture (baby) - Unscented, Mom approved, Hypo-Allergenic. Save for infants, toddlers, children and adults.